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Other documents issued by the Standards Commissioner

Documents issued by the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life other than case reports and annual reports are listed in this page. Where available, Maltese-language versions of the documents listed below can be downloaded from the Maltese version of this page.

Proposals for the regulation of lobbying

This consultation paper sets out proposals for a new law to regulate lobbying and invites feedback from the public. After the consultation period closes, the Standards Commissioner will revise his proposals as necessary in the light of public comments and present them as formal recommendations to the government in terms of article 13(1)(f) of the Standards in Public Life Act.

Date issued: 28 February 2020 | Language: English | Download document

Statement by the Commissioner on government jobs for backbench MPs

This statement follows a report issued on 5 July 2019 by the Commissioner stating that it was fundamentally wrong for the government to engage backbench MPs as consultants, persons of trust or members of boards, and a response published on 11 November 2019 by the Principal Permanent Secretary arguing that there was nothing wrong with this practice. In this statement the Commissioner explains why he disagrees with the Principal Permanent Secretary’s views.

Date issued: 22 November 2019 | Language: English and Maltese | Download document

Proposals on constitutional reform

This 138-page report presents detailed proposals for change to the Constitution of Malta. The proposals are aimed at improving standards in public life by strengthening Parliament and the judiciary, reinforcing the principle of merit in appointments, and putting Maltese public administration on a more solid footing. The report includes draft constitutional amendments that are based on these proposals.

The Commissioner for Standards presented this report to the President of Malta in response to his call for public submissions on constitutional change.

Date issued: 30 October 2019 | Language: English | Download document

Guidance note on persons of trust

In Malta the term “person of trust” is commonly understood to mean political appointees. But the term is defined more narrowly in the Standards in Public Life Act. This note is intended to help the reader understand who are persons of trust in Maltese public administration, in terms of both the generally accepted meaning and the definition in the Act.

Date issued: 17 October 2019 | Language: English and Maltese | Download document

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