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The Commissioner for Standards in Public Life

The post of Commissioner for Standards in Public Life is currently vacant.

Former Commissioners

The office of the Standards Commissioner in St Paul Street, Valletta

The office of the Commissioner

The Standards Commissioner is served by a small office headed by a Director General.

The office shares a building in St Paul Street, Valletta, with the office of the Ombudsman.

Logo image

The logo of the office

The logo of the Commissioner’s office is an image of one of the projections on the facade of the Parliament building in Freedom Square, Valletta. The image is a cropped and edited version of a photograph which was taken late on a winter’s day, when the setting sun was almost in line with the facade of the building and the light was picking out the projections.

The logo represents the close relationship between the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life and Parliament, in that members of Parliament are subject to the Commissioner’s scrutiny and the Commissioner in turn reports to Parliament’s Standing Committee for Standards in Public Life.

The logo was developed in-house by the office of the Commissioner. It was the first Commissioner’s own idea that a detail from the Parliament building should be used as a logo, and the photo was shot and edited by the Director General in his office.

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